Power Tools Review

The AEG brand includes power tools that are not sold under the Ridgid name, including a plunge-cutting circular saw, a dust extractor, and a cordless power planer. These power tools are a great investment for many homeowners and professionals alike. To see more of these tools, read our review of the best AEG power tools. You’ll be glad you did! We’ve outlined our top picks for each type of tool below.

AEG power toolsAtlas Copco

If you are looking for a high-quality, innovative power tool that will perform at its highest potential, look no further than Atlas Copco. These tools are used in many industries and have exceptional power-to-weight ratios. In addition to offering top-quality power tools, they also offer technical advice on applications and can help you choose the right tool and consumables for the job. Additionally, all Atlas Copco power tools are vibration-free, which means they will not damage surfaces while being used.

For example, Atlas Copco’s Power Tools Distribution centre in Belgium recently expanded its warehouse space to 4300 square meters. As a result, the company’s worldwide distribution centre can provide fastening solutions to over 110 countries. This expansion will make it possible to offer more services to customers in almost every country. By expanding its global distribution network, Atlas Copco can provide quick, reliable service to its customers. These tools are perfect for any job site, from drywall installation to auto repair.


You may have noticed the Aeg brand name if you’re looking for power tools. These power tools were known as Milwaukee in the US and were based on Atlas Copco models. Aeg moved production to China and revamped its lineup with new designs and colours. You can find these products online or in many locations across India. You can also check out the latest deals and offers at Ubuy, an online store with a wide selection of Aeg products.

AEG power tools were originally made of bare cast alloy and painted in green, the industrial electric motor colour. However, after World War II, the company changed its livery to light machine green. AEG was also one of the first manufacturers to adopt double electric insulation and use reinforced resin materials in the motor housings. Although they were beaten by Metabo when it came to electronics, they were ahead in terms of features. AEG used a combination of TFK and Motorola components.


AEG power tools were popularized by a different brand name in the US and Canada. In addition, some models had missing Made in W.Germany text. However, this did not stop AEG from looking for alternate partners. In the late 1970s, it began a collaboration with Peugeot and Lurem. The result was the European Power Tool Company or EPTC. While this name was a little unisex, many sawdust fans still preferred AEG tools to those made by other manufacturers.


The company was originally called Hitachi Power Tools in the Japanese market and Hitachi Koki in other countries. However, the HiKoki name was deemed too Japanese for the Japanese market. Therefore, in other parts of the world, the company changed its name to Makita or Ryobi. The company is now headquartered in Esslingen/Festo. This history shows how the company has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a world-class power tool manufacturer.


Originally, AEG power tools were made in Germany by AEG. However, the tools had different shades of Berlin blue, and the text “Made in W. Germany” was missing. In the early 1980s, GE and Hitachi had been in the tool business for a long time, and this was evident by the many companies that came and went. Some were bought out, and some were hit hard times. Finally, in the early 70s, a Bulgarian firm called Elprom purchased the rights to make AEG power tools and produced them in full livery.

AEG POWERTOOLS was founded in 1898 and has since become a global supplier of professional trade power tools. Today, AEG Powertools products are sold at trade outlets throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. They specialize in hammer drills, Lithium-Ion cordless drills, and woodworking equipment. The AEG brand promises to deliver high performance and innovative working solutions for professional tradespeople.