The Bible Podcast – An Extension of the D-Group Discipleship Program

When you listen to the Bible podcasts, it is important to understand that the Old Testament is divided into three parts. The New Testament is also divided into sections. The Old Testament books were written for church settings and targeted specific groups. To better understand the Bible’s books, you should study the text yourself and listen to the audio version. You can also choose a different listening plan. The Christian Standard Bible is an excellent choice for Christians who want to know more about the story of Jesus, or you can listen to the Daily Bible Stories for a quick introduction.

The ThriveCast podcast is an extension of the discipleship groups. These groups are community-based Christian discipleship programs with over a dozen locations worldwide.

The ThriveCast discipleship group has recently launched a podcast, which extends their ministry. ThriveCast is a community-focused Christian discipleship group with over 30 locations across four continents. Throughout the Bible podcast, she shares practical, life-changing tools to encourage you.

The ThriveCast podcast is an extension of the discipleship group. The ThriveCast is a nationwide community-focused Christian discipleship organisation.

The ThriveCast discipleship group has several locations around the world. It’s a community-focused Christian discipleship group that focuses on accountability. They are committed to sharing their faith with others and empowering people to live God’s Word. This podcast helps listeners understand the Bible’s story and gives listeners a greater sense of their relationship with God.

The ThriveCast discipleship group hosts a podcast that offers 365 readings of the Bible. The ThriveCast community-focused Christian discipleship group is a community-based discipleship network with multiple locations in four continents. As a result, the ThriveCast community has become an incredible resource for believers from all walks of life.

Another popular Bible podcasts is ThriveCast with the Bible. Its sponsors, the Christian Standard Bible, and other ministries have created short episodes on various themes in the Bible. The program allows listeners to focus on specific topics and even listen to a new episode a day. With the ThriveCast, the one-minute podcasts can help a person finish the entire Bible in a year. It’s a great way to learn about the Word of God.